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Create an Event Project [when subject data isn't required]
Create an Event Project [when subject data isn't required]

Easily share event photos with Snapizzi's Event Projects. Ideal for situations where individual customer data isn't required

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An EVENT project generates camera cards that contain all the information that your customer will need to locate their photos. No customer information is needed to connect them to their photos. Simply photograph the card and give it to your subject after taking their photos. Event projects DO NOT appear on your Studio Search Page since your customers have the direct URL to their photos.

Read this article if you'll be using image editing software that may change image file EXIF data. Learn how to create a DATA project here.

**Snapizzi does not store, alter, or edit your image files or EXIF data in any way. Snapizzi sits between you and your platform. Uploaded images pass through Snapizzi and end up in your host platform account.

Here are the EVENT project steps:

  1. Create a new EVENT project

  2. Print the desired quantity of camera cards

  3. Photograph camera card

  4. Photograph subject

  5. Repeat for the next subject

  6. Upload images to Snapizzi (including camera card images containing the codes)

  7. In minutes, project images are sorted and posted to your connected e-commerce platform

Here's how to do it:

1. PROJECT TYPE: Click the "New Project" button on your Dashboard and select "Event" for the project type.

2. PROJECT NAME: Name your new project

3. PHOTO SERVICE: Select the hosting platform to use for the project (this option will only appear if you have more than one platform linked to your Snapizzi account). Snapizzi has partnered with these industry-leading platforms: PhotoDeck, PhotoShelter, ShootProof, and Zenfolio.

4. SUBJECT PRIVACY: Select privacy settings for subject galleries. ShootProof users click here for a one-time extra step needed.

5. PHOTO INDEXING: The indexing method is what Snapizzi uses to determine the proper sequence of your image files when processing. Time taken typically provides the best results and should be your first choice. Read this if your workflow may alter your image file EXIF data.

Name, privacy, and indexing can be changed at any time. Even after the photos have been uploaded and processed. The project type can be changed as long as no photos have been uploaded.

There isn't any reason to rename files before uploading to Snapizzi, but if your workflow includes renaming before uploading, be sure that your filenames include leading zeros equal to the highest number in the sequence (e.g., 0001 - 9999 rather than 1 - 9999). Your project will not sort properly otherwise.

Snapizzi can export renamed versions of your image files for you if needed.

That's it! You're now ready to photograph your event. When photographing the camera cards, be sure to fill the frame as much as possible with the cards so that the codes can be easily scanned by Snapizzi. Although Snapizzi has some latitude with its built-in error correction algorithms, be sure the cards are in focus and exposed properly or they will not be able to be scanned properly.

Ensure that you photograph the codes so that Snapizzi can scan the DataMatrix code properly. We recommend the codes be a minimum of 100x100 pixels in size. 

Snapizzi has a 100% accuracy rate as long as the coded cards are photographed properly.

Give as much care and attention to photographing the camera card keyframe photo as you do your subjects.

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