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Your Studio Search Page is where customers will land to find their photos when you're not sending them links from your Subject List or using Paper Proofs. Each project also has a single search page that can be used in addition to (or instead of) the main Studio Search Page.

You can access your Studio Search Page quickly from the wrench menu on your Dashboard. Your Search Page will open in a new tab.

Place a link such as "Find Your Photos" on your website which redirects to your new Studio Search domain. This drives traffic to your website and allows you to give everyone the same set of generic instructions such as:

  1. Click on "Find Your Photos".

  2. Click on your project cover photo.

  3. Enter the subject name in the search box.

  4. Enter password if set.

Upon a successful match, the next screen your customer sees is their photo gallery on your connected platform and the ordering begins.


Snapizzi includes a robust set of tools and features that take the "work" out of your high-volume workflow.

Set the cover photo for the project
Customize your Studio Search Page
Customize your Search Page URL
What if I don't want to have my project listed on the Studio Search Page?
Get Bundle (export for school service items, rename image files, etc.)
Get Subject List (export project data with gallery URLs)
CSV Files (automatically name remote galleries, set passwords, edit data)
Linking Multiple Groups to a Subject (ballet schools, etc.)
Share Photo Series (siblings, buddy pictures, etc.)
Snapizzi Paperless (digital versions of camera cards)
Snapizzi Stars (control order that subject photos appear when exporting for Bundles or Paper Proofing.

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