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Create a BLANK DATA Project and Add Subject Info Later
Create a BLANK DATA Project and Add Subject Info Later

No Data? No Problem! Effortlessly Connect Your Data Later to Images with Snapizzi BLANK DATA Projects

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This article will show you how to set up a BLANK DATA project, which will allow you to connect subject data at a later time. If no subject data is needed, consider using an EVENT project.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Upload your CSV file with the headers for your DATA columns included and with the first row filled with sample subject data. This will establish the fields for you to enter your subject data. You can update your CSV if needed at any time.

  2. If using PRINTED CARDS: Request the number of Camera Cards you'll need as "Blanks" in the Get Camera Cards modal. Then download just the JPEGs of the codes.

  3. If using PAPERLESS: You can just add subjects/groups on the fly using the Paperless interface.

  4. Upload the JPEGs to the project. This will create empty galleries with no data.

  5. Get Camera Cards for the event and print them. You can also customize your cards.

If collecting subject data on-site:

  1. Enter the 9-digit code from a blank card in the Inspector search bar.

  2. Add subject data to the located gallery.

  3. Give subject paper camera card.

  4. Photograph camera card.

  5. Photograph subject.

  6. Repeat.

  7. Upload project images to the Snapizzi (including keyframes).

  8. Subject images are now in the galleries with their data.

If adding data after the project images are uploaded:

  1. Write desired subject info on a blank camera card or record it on a spreadsheet with the 9-digit code from the blank card.

  2. Give subject paper camera card.

  3. Photograph camera card.

  4. Photograph subject.

  5. Repeat.

  6. Upload project images (including keyframes).

  7. Either update your CSV or manually Add subject data.

  8. Subject images are now in the galleries with their data.

Please note: This process creates a duplicate empty gallery for each subject. This is normal and can be ignored.

Customers can now find their photos using the Studio Search Page or you can use the Subject List to send them links.


Snapizzi includes a robust set of tools and features that take the "work" out of your high-volume workflow.

Get Bundle (export for school service items, rename image files, etc.)
Get Subject List (export project data with gallery URLs)
CSV Files (automatically name remote galleries, set passwords, edit data)
Linking Multiple Groups to a Subject (ballet schools, etc.)
Link Galleries (siblings, buddy pictures, etc.)
Studio Search Page (how customers find their photos)
Snapizzi Paperless (digital versions of camera cards)
Snapizzi Stars (control order that subject photos appear when exporting for Bundles or Paper Proofing.

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