Photo Series Sharing

Easily share photos between Subject galleries.

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Sharing photos between galleries is useful if you'd like to include sibling or buddy photos in another Subject's gallery. Doing this enables viewing of all photos in the connected galleries using one code or search term. 

Here's how to easily share photos between Subject galleries:


When using Snapizzi Paperless, use Pinning. If using paper cards, simply photograph each Subject's individual camera cards together in the same keyframe image. All photos that follow that keyframe will appear in each Subject's respective individual gallery.



1. Click the Share Photo Series button for the series you'd like to share. In this example, we'll be sharing Caroline and Lisa's photos mutually with each other.

2. Choose how photos will be shared. Selecting to mutually share the photos will also share the target Subject's photos with the original Subject. This means all of Caroline's photos would appear with Lisa's photos and vice-versa.

Choose the second option if you only want to share Caroline's pictures with Lisa, but not share Lisa's with Caroline's.

Snapizzi's all-inclusive search feature makes it easy to locate Subject galleries. In addition to locating Subjects by code, you are able to search your Project using any identifying information contained in the CSV file you uploaded (Name, Teacher, Student ID, class, etc.).

3. Click "Share" and you're done! 

4. Click the "X" next to the shared series to un-share it.

You have the same options when un-sharing a photo series as when you shared them. Remember to mouse over a code for Subject info.

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