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EXIF data, filenames, and more.

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Although Snapizzi doesn't edit EXIF data, we do utilize it during indexing. If your software outputs JPEGs containing new or altered EXIF data, you must process all of the image files (including camera cards) together using the same process before uploading to Snapizzi. Ensure that the time on your camera is set properly so timestamps are accurate in the image file EXIF data.

The main thing to be aware of is that you don't change EXIF data for only part of your images since that is how Snapizzi can tell multi-camera projects apart and keep images separate. For instance, if you edit some of your images and they have different EXIF data than others from the same camera, Snapizzi will think they are from two cameras and it won't sort properly. If EXIF data is stripped and your Project is set to index by time, you can choose to index by filename instead.

Snapizzi will automatically alert you if there are any issues with your EXIF data. This also applies if you're doing greenscreen or building composite images for your Project.

If your workflow includes renaming your image files before uploading, be sure that your filenames include leading zeros equal to the highest number in the sequence—e.g., 0001 - 9999 rather than 1 - 9999. Snapizzi can rename your image files for you if needed.

If you are in doubt, please run a test or reach out to us for help at success@snapizzi.com.


  1. Begin by clicking the "Upload Images" button for your target project. Uploading to Snapizzi is an additive process. This means that you won't overwrite any images if you are uploading in batches.

There isn't any reason to rename files before uploading to Snapizzi, but if your workflow includes renaming before uploading, be sure that your filenames include leading zeros equal to the highest number in the sequence (e.g., 0001 - 9999 rather than 1 - 9999). Your Project will not index properly otherwise.

2. Navigate to your Project images and uploading will begin automatically. The maximum file size is 32MB.

That's it! You'll be notified via email and the Message Center once your Project is sorted.

You can also add photos to galleries using the DropZone in each gallery. 

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