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Add New Group Series

Add a NEW Group that doesn't exist in database

Updated over a week ago

Use this tool to add NEW Group photos to a Project that wasn't on the original CSV file and doesn't already exist in the database. Don't use this tool if the Group exists in the database โ€” use the "Add EXISTING Subject or Group Series" tool.

Here's how you do it:

1. Click on the "Create Group Series" button.ย 

2. Name your new group and select the Subject codes to connect to the new group photo. Snapizzi's all-inclusive search feature makes it easy to locate Subjects. Simply type the class name in the search box and all Subjects in the class will be returned and can be ticked at the same time. Or you can search by any Subject data.

These choices can be changed later by clicking the "Gallery" button shown in step 4.

Hovering over any code will reveal Subject info.

3. Add the new group photo(s) to the gallery.

4. That's it! Your new group photo will now appear in connected Subject galleries.

5. Click the "X" to remove a linked gallery.

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