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Streamline your workflow with digital camera cards

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Snapizzi Paperless enables you to shoot digital versions of your DATA project Camera Cards using any web-connected device. (including iPads, tablets, and smartphones). It features a super-fast search to help keep your workflow moving smoothly on picture day. You can also edit/update subject information when using Paperless and your project database will update automatically.

Pinning enables you to easily link subject galleries when using Paperless.

In order to have all of the features of Snapizzi Paperless, it is strongly advised to be connected to a reliable network. 

Here's how you do it:

1. Log in to your Snapizzi account using the browser on your mobile device and select "Get Camera Cards" for your project.

2. Click on the Paperless button.

3. Your Paperless Camera Cards will open in a new browser window. Snapizzi's all-inclusive search feature makes it easy to locate a subject card. In addition to locating subjects by code, you're able to search your project using any identifying information contained in the CSV file you uploaded (Name, Teacher, Student ID, class, etc.). You can also quickly locate blank and group cards by simply typing "blank" or "group" in the search box. Group cards are always at the end of the subject cards, so you can search by your group name and then click the “Previous” button to immediately get the class code. 

You can easily add/edit subject information on the fly by tapping on the subject data you'd like to edit. Your project database will automatically update upon closing.

To help keep you organized, each card features an optional New/Used toggle. Tapping it will add a red overlay to the Camera Card reminding you not to unintentionally use the card again. This is especially useful when using blank cards.


• Multiple sessions of Paperless for the same project will attempt to coordinate data.
• New unassigned groups can be added.
• When adding new cards, the add point will switch to the new card.
• Other points will place the new cards on the bottom of their card decks.
• Field edits or used/unused changes happen wherever the card is visible.
• If the device falls offline, other than used/unused, editing or additions will be disabled. When the device resumes its connection it will attempt to sync.
• Used/unused set while offline will not be synced.
• After 120 minutes of inactivity, paperless stop receiving updates.


• Codes
• Field names
• Usage fields
• Group cards are not editable unless it's unassigned [added after list processing]

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