Fix Mis-Scan

Use this tool if a camera card is unable to be read by Snapizzi

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The "Fix Mis-Scan" tool should only be used when the code is known, or partially visible in the image but was not readable by Snapizzi.

If you are unable to make out the code used โ€” don't use this tool. Use the "Add Subject Series" tool.

There are several reasons that a camera card may not be able to be read properly by Snapizzi. Among them are:

  • Blurry

  • Under/over exposed

  • Code obscured

When this happens, the affected photo series will be included in the gallery of the subject that came before them. In the example below, the camera card image is too blurry to be scanned by Snapizzi.

Here's how to fix it:

1. Select the gallery Mis-Scan tool.

2. Select the first and last photos in the series to move. Then locate the Subject gallery using the search box. Snapizzi's all-inclusive search feature makes it easy to locate Subject galleries. In addition to locating Subjects by code, you can search your Project using any identifying information in the CSV file you uploaded (Name, Teacher, Student ID, class, etc.). You can also quickly locate cards blank and group cards by simply typing "blank" and "group" in the search box.ย 

If you have more than one misplaced subject series in a gallery, start with the last series of images and work your way from the last series to the first. This will create a new gallery for the subject being moved while retaining all the others in the gallery they're in until you finish.

Multiple galleries for the same subject code, even empty ones, when using repair tools is normal. All "separate" gallery images will show up as one gallery on the customer side. You don't have to delete empty galleries either if you'd rather not take the time. They're ignored.

3. You're done! The series is now in a separate gallery.

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