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What Is a Subject Photo Series?
What Is a Subject Photo Series?

Keyframes and series photos explained.

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A Subject Photo Series starts with a Keyframe. The Keyframe is a photo containing one or more of the Snapizzi created codes. The Subject Photo Series includes the Keyframe and all the photos up to the next Keyframe. Snapizzi connects any photos that follow a Keyframe image to the codes it detects within that Keyframe. When a new Keyframe is reached, the cycle repeats. Depending on how you set up your Project, Snapizzi will scan the images sequentially either by image filename or by timestamp.

When using multiple cards in a Keyframe (up to 20), all the photos in the series will be placed into the galleries linked to all included codes.

Snapizzi automatically detects multi-camera Projects and will sort images first by the camera they came from.

All images in a Subject Photo Series will be from the same camera.

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