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What hosting sites does Snapizzi work on?
What hosting sites does Snapizzi work on?

Current integrations.

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Your photography e-commerce platform provides the front-end for your online sales and is responsible for all of the image hosting, storage, e-commerce, and order fulfillment. Snapizzi is independent of the platform you choose to connect to your account and any associated costs. 

Snapizzi sits between you and your connected platform. All images pass through Snapizzi on their way to your connected account.

Snapizzi currently supports

Snapizzi Stor enables you to use Snapizzi as a standalone solution without the need for a connected e-commerce platform. Snapizzi Stor was purpose-built for photographers who self-fulfill customer orders and are not posting images online. The Snapizzi Stor module can be added to your account for an additional $10 per month for up to 1TB of storage.

The 7-Day Free Trial includes a sample Project and tour that will quickly get you to that "Aha!" moment. After that, it's only $39 per month.

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