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Combine CSV Data from Separate Columns
Combine CSV Data from Separate Columns

How to merge data from two columns into one using Excel.

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Using the Ampersand symbol, which you can enter with Shift+7, is the simplest way of joining cell contents. In the following example, we'll use =A2&" "&B2 to join first and last names.

1. Click the cell where you want to put the combined text.

2. Type =, then click the cell that contains the first text you want to combine, such as a person’s first name.

3. Type &” “& (a space enclosed in quotation marks).

4. Click the next cell with the text that you want to combine, such as the person’s last name, then press Enter.

TIP:  To combine the text from more than two cells, continue selecting cells, and typing &” “& after each cell you select. If you don’t want to add a space between the combined text, type & instead of &” “&. To add a comma, type &”, “& (a comma followed by a space, both enclosed in quotation marks).

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