Your CSV data files use specific formatting to give specific Project instructions. Those instructions extend beyond just subject data. Correct CSV file and header formatting is required to successfully automate your project.

Column header name spelling counts for: first name, last name, gallery, and password. Group column names can be anything but need an asterisk after the name*. Groups are either (1) single column multi-value single choice or (2) multi-column single-value multiple choice.

School/Sports  |  Dance  |  School with Siblings


This configuration suits most school and sport Projects. Individual subjects and a single class/team they are included in. Project password requirements vary but the Student ID is used in this example. The asterisk* next to "class" in the header tells us that this defines the groups. Snapizzi builds Jake Smith's gallery in your connected e-commerce platform it gets labeled "Smith" from the "gallery" column, and should present his individual photos and photos from the class group "Garrett".

(rule) 1 group column supports multiple values (teacher; Garrett, Simpson) or 2+ group columns supports single group values (1* Ballet, 2* Tap, 3* Jazz) 

Why this rule? To support multiple group choice options. A school CSV setup like above uses a single column to set the singular choice of teacher for that student. A dance school setup like below splits the group column up into multiple columns. Each allows the individual to be associated to that group.


Dance is simple when using multiple columns. Both Jane & Bill are in all 5 groups. In addition to individual photos, their parents should also see in their galleries the group photos for Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop & Company. Jake & John, just their photo(s) and Hip-Hop.  

School with Siblings (modified dance)

The following approach is your option for siblings.

Combine siblings into single subjects in your data. List their first names out in the first name column as shown. Adjust your gallery column (gallery title) to reflect it's a family. Set all groups (classes, teams, etc) to ensure each child's groups is represented.

When shooting your project, use the same card/code for each sibling. Shoot the groups as usual, with their own specific code. The result is a single subject gallery with all the siblings photos, as well as each of the affiliated groups included.

Project & note columns: Both are only for your use, and for this demo.
First name, last name: Used for search content.
Gallery: It's used as the subject gallery title.
Password: Self-explanatory.
Groups:  Each of the following columns are individual groups. Each columns needs an asterisk following the header name* to indicate that it's a group. Using this multi-column, multi-choice, single value/column approach means you will have to break out every single class or teacher group into their own column. One value per column.

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