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Missing Remote Folders
Missing Remote Folders

Why am I seeing the message that my remote folders are missing?

Updated over a week ago

You're seeing this message because something has been done to the folders or images in your connected e-commerce account. Any changes made to remote folders or images are not communicated back to Snapizzi. Doing so prevents things from working properly.

  1. Don't edit, move, or delete anything related to a Snapizzi Project in your connected account.

  2. Don't use what you see in your connected account as a representation of how a Project has indexed.

  3. Do everything from your Snapizzi account unless instructed otherwise. 

If proper procedures are followed for deleting a Project from the Snapizzi Dashboard, everything is also removed from your remote account by Snapizzi.

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Go to the wrench menu>photo services and de-authorize your connected e-commerce platform

  2. Re-authorize your e-commerce platform

  3. Upload the photos again

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