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Pinning Paperless Codes

Easily Share Subject galleries when using Snapizzi Paperless

Updated over a week ago

When using paper versions of cards, it is easy to share Subject galleries by simply photographing multiple Subject codes in the keyframe. You can also share galleries after processing.

Pinning enables you to do this with Snapizzi Paperless without having to use multiple display devices or open multiple windows for each code.

Pinning temporarily combines up to four Subject codes into one Data Matrix code. That means up to three codes can be pinned to a fourth and the maximum number of Subjects that can be combined is four. Pinning is only for Subject codes, not Group codes.

In the example below, we’re going to pin the Wieser triplet’s galleries so all their photos appear together.

  1. Click to pin Simona’s code.

2. Locate Sage's code and repeat. Pinned code #2 now appears.

3. Locate Jacob’s code and use as the keyframe photo. Any images that follow will now be in all three galleries. When finished everything should be unpinned by clicking the “X” next to the pinned code. If it isn't, the extra codes have to be unlinked in the inspector. 

When shooting a multi-Subject series, every Subject's code is pinned, except the one showing on the right. Also as the number of pins grow, the matrix squares get smaller, so ensure that your keyframe photo is photographed properly.

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