Lets run through a typical Project workflow.

Data preparation

Supporting schools with siblings, passwords, custom sort order, setting gallery titles—should be done now within the CSV data file—not manually after the shoot. (CSV Info, School, Sports & Dance Templates, Siblings)

Project and notes are info columns. "First name" and "last name" are for search. The "gallery" column sets the subject gallery title. The password column is obvious, but if using them, they should be in your file. The teacher* column is group. Since the asterisk sets it as a group, any name can be used. 

Save as comma separated value CSV with UTF-8 encoding.
CSV file format errors

New Project

Now create a new Project:

Project Type: Data
Name: School2018
Service: Your e-commerce platform
Restrict Access: Yes
Passwords: Yes
Search: Yes
Hide codes: Yes
Indexing: Time Taken

Project Dashboard
Project Questions

Upload your csv data file

When loading completes, your project stats should display the expected number of Subjects (4), and Groups (2). We'll create a code for each.

Camera Cards: Data Setup

Use "Assign CSV fields" to choose the data you want, and the way you want it on your cards. (Camera cards)

Review your project to ensure it is setup properly. Either printing cards or uploading photos locks down data a bit. Making larger data changes before and after either of those things, are different, and easier before.

Camera Cards: Set and Print

Cards, second step...  

We'll now build your cards. When ready we'll post a message, an alert, and email if selected.

Camera card example...


To use Paperless on a mobile device, login to your Snapizzi account using the browser and open Paperless for your Project. 

Photograph Subject's code. Then photograph Subject. Same for groups. Repeat until complete. 

Export with EXIF and original filenames

If using Chromakey, LightRoom, or other image editing programs in your workflow, set export to include original EXIF data and filenames.


Upload your images to the Project. Do NOT touch anything remotely. It will break sync and likely the upload process.

Image size matters as a completion time variable.

After processing

Review/repair using inspector. Never touch the remote folder/files. Manage all things regarding this Project, here, including a Gallery Verify.

Good Prep, less manual work

The results will reflect the quality of your prep. If you're doing lots of manual work after the upload, something is wrong with your process.

Verify things look as you expect. You can follow Subject links on the left to their remote subject galleries. (see above)

Exit out of Inspector, and follow the project URL. If galleries are set with passwords, note the subjects password before following the link to test. If you haven't adjusted your Studio Search Page yet: Wrench > Studio Search profile.

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