Snapizzi is cloud-based subscription software that automatically posts images in private, password-protected galleries on your connected e-commerce platform. Snapizzi works with any web browser — regardless of OS or device. There is no installation, additional hardware, or tethering required. Think of Snapizzi as a "plugin" for your e-commerce platform.

Simply import Subject data into your Project to generate codes. Then photograph the Snapizzi code before taking your Subject and Group photos. Afterward, upload your images to Snapizzi and they'll be automatically posted in private, password-protected galleries on your connected e-commerce platform. Snapizzi will also automatically place group photos in Subject galleries. All Project management and tasks are performed in your Snapizzi Dashboard and Inspector.

Snapizzi provides you with three ways for customers to find and order their photos:

  1. Snapizzi Studio Search Page
  2. Paper proofing
  3. Direct URLs that can be sent to your customers

Your photography e-commerce platform provides the front-end for your online sales and is responsible for all of the image hosting, storage, e-commerce, and order fulfillment. Snapizzi is independent of the platform you choose to connect to your account and any associated costs. All images pass through Snapizzi on their way to your connected account.

Snapizzi currently supports the industry-leading platforms

Snapizzi Stor enables you to use Snapizzi as a standalone solution without the need for a connected e-commerce platform. Stor was purpose-built for photographers who use the pre-pay model and don't need to post images online for customer orders. The Stor module can be added to your account for an additional $10 per month for up to 1TB of storage.

The 14-Day Free Trial includes a sample Project and tour that will quickly get you to that "Aha!" moment. After that, it's only $39 per month. Give it a shot and join these other great photographers that use Snapizzi!


Snapizzi includes a robust set of tools and features that take the "work" out of your high-volume workflow.

Get Bundle (export for school service items, rename image files, etc.)
Get Subject List (export Project data with gallery URLs)
CSV Files (automatically name remote galleries, set passwords, edit data)
Linking Multiple Groups to a Subject (ballet schools, etc.)
Share Galleries (siblings, buddy pictures, etc.)
Studio Search Page (how customers find their photos)
Snapizzi Paperless (digital versions of Camera Cards)
Snapizzi Stars (control order that Subject photos appear when exporting for Bundles or Paper Proofing.
Sample Project (quickly see how Snapizzi works)

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