Snapizzi makes it radically easy for photographers to post images for online sales. And even easier for their customers to order them.

Don't take our word for it.

Snapizzi is cloud-based software that uses 2D barcodes to automatically connect a high-volume photographer's customers to their photos. Snapizzi sits between the photographer and our partner platforms. The platforms provide the front-end for online sales and are responsible for all of the image hosting, storage, e-commerce, and order fulfillment. Snapizzi is independent of the platform and any associated costs. Once event images are uploaded and processed by Snapizzi, we post the sorted images to the user’s connected platform. All images pass through Snapizzi on their way to the connected account.

All Project management and tasks are performed in the Snapizzi Dashboard and Inspector. Remote galleries update automatically.

We've made integration very simple. Since Snapizzi controls the creation of the initial gallery URL, we simply redirect to the final remote gallery URL once a Project is processed. So an integration only requires these things from the host platform API:

Create and edit all galleries
• Access photos from all galleries
• Add photos to all galleries
• Delete photos from all galleries
• Share photos between galleries
• Password galleries
• All objects in the system are referenced by a unique ID

Once we have this ability we'll add an integration branch on our dev/demo server for you and get busy.

Other than session tokens, we don't store 3rd party account credentials. We prefer modern OAuth based APIs over account/password APIs, but we deal with both.

Snapizzi users pay a simple flat monthly subscription fee of $39 and there are no costs to the host platform to integrate.

The existing users of your platform get the functionality of Snapizzi and your platform becomes a choice for new Snapizzi users who need to select a platform to connect to their Snapizzi account.

Snapizzi currently connects to these industry-leading platforms:

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