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Search Photos by Time
Search Photos by Time

Another way to search project photos

Updated over a week ago

This tool will let you view your project images by time taken.

  1. Enable Local Time:

    • Before selecting any dates, make sure to check the "Local Time" box. This ensures that the times shown are adjusted for your local timezone and not based on the server's timezone.

  2. Set Date Range:

    • After checking the "Local Time" box, you can set the date range.

    • Use the calendar icons to select the "Begin" and "End" dates for your search.

  3. Use Arrows for Quick Navigation:

    • The arrows next to the date fields will quickly set the date pickers to the extremes of the project:

      • Left Arrow: Sets the date picker to the oldest photo in the project.

      • Right Arrow: Sets the date picker to the most recent photo in the project.

  4. Finding Photos:

    • Once you've set the desired date range, click on the "Find Photos" button to search for photos within the specified timeframe.

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