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Diagnose & Remedy

Automatically scans for common issues that volume photographers encounter

Updated over a week ago

The Diagnose & Remedy tool serves as a proactive assistant, automatically scanning for common issues that volume photographers encounter. When the tool detects a problem, the button on your Project Dashboard will turn red, signaling the need for attention.

Screenshot of step #2 of the guide, instructing the user: 'Select the identified issues to access step-by-step instructions on resolving them.'

Communication errors during uploading and indexing can leave unfinished processing stages. The most common result is a non-working remote gallery. If something isn't right with your project and the Diagnose & Remedy says everything is okay, try clicking the "Reindex Project" button. 

A Reindex will not undo any manual corrections you may have made. It only syncs internal data structures and completes unfinished processing stages.

If you're a ShootProof user and project thumbnails are missing, you may need to Restore Images.

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