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Photo Management Views

Seven distinct views to assist you in managing your photos efficiently

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Start by choosing your project from the list on your Dashboard, then click on the "Photo Management" button. This will open up the Photo Management window, where you'll find seven distinct views to assist you in managing your photos efficiently.

Each view serves a specific purpose in aiding you with different aspects of photo management within your project.

1. Upload

This is where you upload photos to your project.

Learn more about Uploading

2. Subjects

View subject photos and related data.

Learn more about managing Subjects

3. Groups

View group photos and related data.

Learn more about managing Groups

4. Diagnose and Remedy

The Diagnose & Remedy tool automatically checks for the most common known issues that volume photographers encounter. If problems are found, the button will turn red on your Project Dashboard. This view will reveal the issues along with instructions on how to resolve them.

Learn more about the Diagnose and Remedy tool

5. Orphan Photos

Orphans are photos in your project that haven't been assigned to any specific photo series.

Learn more about Orphan Photos

6. Misplaced Subjects

Misplaced subjects/groups are uploaded photos that don't belong to this project. This tool provides an easy way to resolve this issue.

Learn more about Misplaced Subjects

7. Ports

Publish your project to your connected platform or create Bundles and Proof Sheets.

Learn more about Ports

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