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Project Questions

All you need to know about Snapizzi Projects

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Will Duplicate Image Filenames Pose a Problem?What to do when images have the same filenames
Why Is the CSV Upload Button Missing for My Project?
Missing Remote FoldersWhy am I seeing the message that my remote folders are missing?
Is the Studio Search Page Secure?My customers are being warned the page isn't secure.
What If My Upload Is Interrupted?My upload failed before all images were added to my Project.
Project URLUse a dedicated search page for your Project.
Studio Search Page ProfileCustomize your Studio Search Page.
Can I Work in Multiple Windows?Can I upload in one window and work in another?
Can I Selectively Generate Proof Sheets?What if I only need a few student proof sheets?
Can I Upload Photos in Batches?Adding or uploading additional photos to your Project
Photo Series SharingEasily share photos between Subject galleries.
Get Proof SheetsEasily create proof sheets for Subject and Group photos.
Can I Change Project Options After Processing?All but one.
Can I Use Multiple Cameras for a Project?Yup!
Can I Download and Print Images from Snapizzi?Easily access your stored image files.
Can Camera Cards Generated from One Project Be Used for Another?Yes and no.
Can I Change the Name of the Gallery on My Host Platform?
Delete Project
Does Snapizzi Watermark Images?
Snapizzi and PixnubHow to setup your Project CSV for use with Chroma Key Lab 2 by Pixnub
How Are Group Photos Linked to the Students?
How Do I Create a Paper Proof Template?Learn how easy it is to create paper proofs
How Do I Connect Multiple Group Photos to a Subject?Great for ballet schools, bands, or other multi-group Projects.
Is There a Maximum Image File Size?
Project Message CenterAlerts and downloads here.
Project TypesShould you choose EVENT or DATA?
Reset PhotosRemove all Project photos and start fresh
What If I Don't Want My Project Listed on My Studio Search Page?Easily control Project visibility on your Studio Search Page.
Upload PhotosEXIF data, filenames, and more.
What If I Use Chromakey, Lightroom, or Other Image Editing Programs in My Workflow?A few things to be aware of when editing your image files
Subject ListDownload all your Project data (Gallery URLs, filenames, and more)
What Is a Subject Photo Series?Keyframes and series photos explained.
What Is the Recommended File Size for Uploaded Photos?Are your files the optimum size?