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Privacy Settings

Hide code photos, password galleries, and more.

Updated over a week ago

These settings can be changed at any time and your Project will update to reflect your new settings. Read how to set passwords and gallery names.

Ticking this box means each of the Subject galleries is isolated from the others in the Project. The customer will only be able to access photos belonging to them.
​ShootProof users click here for a one-time extra step needed.


If you'd like to require customers to enter a password to view their photos, you must include a column labeled "Password" in your CSV file as well as enable passwords in the Privacy Settings. You can define the passwords however you wish, but if no values are in the password column, Snapizzi will create passwords for you which can be changed at any time. We recommend that you don't use the letter O or number 0 unless the context is clear for your customers. For example, if using last name, they know it would be the letter O. Or if using numbers, they know it would be a zero.


Ticking this box will make this Project appear on your Studio Search Page.


Ticking this prevents the camera card keyframe photos from appearing in customer galleries.

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