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Snapizzi Stor

Use Snapizzi as a standalone solution without the need for an e-commerce platform

Updated over a week ago

Snapizzi Stor enables you to use Snapizzi as a standalone solution without the need for a connected e-commerce platform. Stor was purpose-built for photographers who use the pre-pay model for customer orders and are not posting images online.

Stor does not offer any customer-facing e-commerce features. Stor is simply a place where your project images are stored rather than an e-commerce platform. 

Once your project is processed, you can:


Snapizzi's Bundle feature brings unparalleled freedom to image management and delivery. Bundles are packaged collections of subject image files intended for submission to labs, schools, or any other purpose that fits your workflow. In addition to options for resizing and renaming image files for export, a Snapizzi Bundle gives you the ability to organize the exported images into subfolders based on project data. You'll end up with a CSV file and subject images for submission to labs like Miller's that produce these service items. 


We made it easy for you to generate Proof Sheets that you can customize to your specifications. Simply upload a JPEG of your form template and choose what subject data to include and where to place the photos.


A Subject List includes all generated project data—including URLs and passwords to send directly to your customers. The subject List can also be used for your mail merge using services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

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