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Here's how to connect multiple group and individual images to the same Subject for Projects where the Subject will have multiple individual and/or group photos taken. This means that all of the Subject's different individual and/or group photos will be automatically placed in one gallery for your customer. 

In this example, we'll use a ballet school where students can be in more than one class. Your CSV file should have a unique column for each group as shown below. If the student is in a class, the cell in that column should contain the group name as shown below.


1. Create a Data Project and upload your CSV file.

2. You can change how the field names print on the cards here. If no changes are made, default values shown will print on cards.

3. Select and arrange the order the fields are printed on the cards. 

4. Select each group column.

5. Select "Get Camera Cards".

6. Confirmation of the number of cards being issued.

7. Each student will have only one card to be photographed before each of their individual photos. 

Each class will have a class card to photograph before each class photo.

That's it! You're ready to go!

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