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How Do I Photograph the Camera Cards?
How Do I Photograph the Camera Cards?
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Whatever format your cards are, ensure that you photograph the codes so that Snapizzi can scan the DataMatrix code properly. We recommend the codes be a minimum of 100x100 pixels in size. 

Snapizzi has a 100% accuracy rate as long as the coded cards are photographed properly.

Give as much care and attention to photographing the Camera Card keyframe photo as you do your Subjects

Multiple codes can be included in keyframes. When multiple cards are used, all photos in the series will be placed in each of those customer galleries. If you are shooting multiple cards, make sure that each Data Matrix code is visible in the Camera Card photo to ensure proper scanning by Snapizzi. Camera Cards don't have to be photographed in any particular order.

Here is how to use cards for both types of Projects.


A better way to think about it is to give a card to each person who would like to place an order. For example, a family of four with a mom, dad, and two kids would only need one card since they are all under one roof.

On the other hand, let's say you have a group of four friends that each would like to order. In this case, each person would receive a card to order. Each of the unique codes will take them to their photos.

The Camera Cards for DATA Projects are not meant to be given to your Subjects. It doesn't mean they can't be, but the assumption is made that they'll find their photos one of these three ways:

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